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4 Signs Your Company Needs Professional HR

While a Human Resources (HR) department is commonplace within large corporations, small businesses seldom have the funds or resources to allocate to a dedicated HR staff. Oftentimes, in a small business, duties that would typically be assigned to an HR department in a larger company are taken on by someone in accounting, onboarding, or administrative departments.

Human Resources is a complex specialization that depends on the employee handling these duties to understand laws and regulations. To avoid incorrect handling of personnel concerns and other HR-related issues, it is critical that companies enlist individuals with the right training and experience.

4 Signs You Need a Dedicated HR Professional

Your company is growing

Small business owners have a lot of roles and responsibilities within their organization, but if your company is growing too fast for you to keep up with the task of onboarding, coordinating schedules, training, and paperwork of new hires, it might be time to invest in an HR professional.

You are experiencing problems with your management and staff

Nearly every workplace will have some kind of interpersonal issues with their employees. The more employees a company has, the more it will see a clash in personalities and management styles.

A dedicated HR professional can handle interpersonal conflicts and help resolve communication issues between departments.

You want to protect your business

If your company doesn’t have the proper handbooks, ineffective training, unclear policies, or job descriptions that aren’t comprehensive enough, you are at risk for litigation. An experienced HR professional ensures that your company remains protected by implementing documentation and programs that keep your company compliant with all federal and local regulations.

You simply don’t have the time

Human resources encompasses a variety of tasks, from talent acquisition and handling pre-employment screenings to training to disciplinary actions, all of which take time and effort away from small business owners. At First Class Consulting, we have business owners an average of 20 hours per week; that’s half a work week!

If you are struggling to find time to handle human resources responsibilities among the many tasks of running your business, it may be time to bring in a professional.

Outsourcing Human Resources vs Hiring In-House HR Staff

If your company is at the stage where you’re much too busy to handle HR responsibilities on your own, but not quite at the stage where it’s feasible to bring on a full-time employee, outsourcing your HR is a cost-efficient solution.

Outsourcing your HR to a firm like First Class Consulting saves your business money on health insurance, workers comp, payroll taxes while providing streamlined and effective human resource solutions.

Why Choose First Class Consulting?

At First Class Consulting, we understand the intricacies of what it takes to implement effective human resource management. Our team has years of experience working with businesses of all industries to provide streamlined, effective human resource solutions.

If your company is in need of immediate and ongoing support, contact a member of our team today to learn more about outsourcing your human resources.

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