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"Enjoy Your First Class Experience"

Certified M.B.E.

First Class Consulting Firm is a Professional Employer Organization “PEO” that has more than 15 years of HR experience. We have a dynamic HR team that specialize  Employee Relations, Labor Laws, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Benefits, Safety, HR Compliance, Training and Development, Payroll,  and more!

 Our Full-Service HR includes: Workers' Compensation, 401k, Benefits, ACA Reporting,  HR Administration, Training and Development, Performance Management, Risk Management and HR Consulting. We also provide full recruitment service which includes, Creating Job Descriptions, Job Postings, Candidate Screening, Background Checks, Drug Screening, Payroll, and On-boarding.  Think of First Class Consulting Firm as an extension to your success. 

Grow Faster & Stronger With A PEO

  • Grow 20 to 25% Faster: Small businesses using PEOs has grown more than 20% faster than at small businesses overall  

  • PEOs Are Able To Provide A Broad Array Of HR Services At A Lower Cost: PEO clients enjoy a 41% savings on HR administration.

  • Lower Employee Turnover: The average overall employee turnover rate in the United States is approximately 42% per year. It is 28 to 32 % for companies that used PEOs.

  • Lower Cost Better Benefits: Access to a larger pool of benefit options at lower prices, including health and retirement benefits.


Working with First Class Consulting Firm, can help you attract better employees and retain your most valuable team members with excellent benefits, solid company culture, and performance management. Having a team of certified professionals handling your HR, payroll and benefits can help you save time, energy, avoid fines, and finally focus on growing your business.